Robin Moses Nail Art Brushes

With this 26 years-in-the-making brush set I have personally constructed, you will learn skills that nobody can take from you. You have this knowledge, this craft, this practical art that’s joyful—that brings people happiness—and it’s shared and shared again. It's never-ending. When someone who might feel unimportant or unsure says, “Look what I did!” and the other person looks--then looks again and says, "WOW!"--that is a joy given to people that stays with them. The joy grows and manifests a giving nature throughout life, and the artists I am teaching will then teach others. This way of thinking has healed my spirit and I want nothing more than to keep passing this on to as many people as possible. Step-by-step, you can acquire amazing skills and create magic that helps others in immeasurable ways. I believe that giving the gift of art is the most important thing that I can give in MY lifetime.