George Floyd Portrait Print by Robin Moses Nail Art

George Floyd Portrait Print by Robin Moses Nail Art

  • $25.00

I am a nail artist. I lost my job in quarantine so I am making fine art prints from home until I know what I am doing. Today I am sharing my version of George Floyd who I am so sad but also very honored to paint. Those peacefully protesting, THANK YOU. I want to so badly but I cannot join because my family is compromised here but I am painting here in spirit for sure and proceeds will go to The National Bail Fund to bail out those arrested during this needful protest.

 I will put a sticker in for free with orders. Stay safe and thank you for all of the wonderful comments. I paint this George Floyd Portrait on Youtube and you can find it here: and I believe I paint him with both hands in the video, please share it and others!...The art I make is meant to inspire and get women without mentors and help them with a craft that will sustain them a lifetime. Sending my love and #blacklivesmatter


Robin Moses

Printed on High Gloss

Dimensions = 11" X 17"