How to Care For Your Brushes

Below, I share my instructions and tips on cleaning and caring for your nail art brushes. I've included a helpful video for visual instructions. Let me know if you have questions about caring for and extending the life of your nail art brushes.

New Brush Preparation

One of the first things you should do upon receiving your new brushes is to clean them before use. Using a wet wash cloth with a little isopropyl alcohol, gently wipe your brush back and forth until the manufacturing stiffening agent has been dissolved and your brush becomes soft. Your brushes are now ready to paint!

Brush Cleaning

Acrylic Paints:

Always have a small container of clean water to rinse your brush between colors and between clients. If your brush becomes clogged with paint, spray a clean cloth with isopropyl alcohol and gently move the bristles back and forth until the paint dissolves. DO NOT SCRUB.

Nail Polish:

Using an acetone dispenser or a small container, dip your brush into the acetone and gently move back and forth until the polish dissolves. DO NOT SCRUB.

Brush Rejuvenation

Bristles Out of Place?

This can happen when your brush has not been cleaned or stored properly, scrubbed or left overnight with its bristles out of place. Don't panic! Put them back in place by running your brush under water and then gently glide your bristles over a dry bar of soap. When the soap has thickened, shape the bristles into place and store overnight and let it dry. Wash your brush before use and it will be rejuvenated!

Is Your Brush Lifeless?

Give it a hot oil treatment! Gently dip and move your brush back and forth in a natural oil (castor, grapeseed, etc.) Using a hair dryer, blow hot air over the bristles while pointed downward for a few minutes. Rinse it gently with soap and water before use. DO NOT SCRUB. Your brush will be like brand new!

Brush Storage

Store your brushes laying flat overnight and make sure it is left in a perfect point. Do not store wet brushes with the bristles facing upward, any moisture left in the brush can dissolve the glue in the ferrule. Avoid leaving paint in your brush overnight as it has a drying effect and can damage the bristles. Make sure your brush is cleaned, oiled and stored properly on a regular basis. Remember, DO NOT SCRUB.

How Care for Your Nail Art Brushes